Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks standing in front of the bears' cottage.

Goldilocks And The Three Bears

based on the original by Joseph Jacobs

There was once a little girl who lived near the side of a large wood. She was a very pretty little girl and had lovely long gold-red hair. But she was also a very naughty little girl because she didn’t always do what she was told.

So one day, when her mother asked her to help in the garden, she flicked her golden locks, turned in her red patent shoes and fled off into the woods.

She walked for hours, kicking stones, picking bark off the trees and throwing acorns at the squirrels.

When, all of a sudden, she saw a little cottage, deep in the woods. It was a lovely little place with small round windows, a moss-covered roof, and smoke pouring out the chimney.

She decided to head over and see who lived there.

Little did she realise, that this cottage belonged to a family of bears.

Daddy Bear was huge with thick brown fur, large sniffing nose, and long sharp claws.

Mummy Bear was medium-sized; she had soft shiny fur, little twitching ears, and smooth padded

Baby bear was small, and had a cute button nose, a soft tickly tummy and a tiny wiggly-waggly tail.

The three bears had just got up and Mummy Bear had made them each a delicious bowl of porridge. She put Daddy Bear’s porridge in a large bowl; her own porridge in a medium bowl, and she gave Baby Bear his favourite bowl, the littlest one.

But the porridge was still too hot to eat, so the three bears decided to go for a nice long walk before breakfast. They left the bowls on the table and headed out the back door.

Now, Goldilocks, the naughty little girl, had just arrived at the front door of the little cottage. She didn’t even bother to knock, but instead just opened the door and called: Hello!

There came no answer, so instead of closing the door and leaving, she shrugged and walked inside. Goldilocks had been roaming most of the morning and she was feeling rather hungry and she saw three bowls of porridge sitting on the table.

Instead of waiting till the owners returned, she walked up to the table and grabbed a spoon. Feeling very greedy, she took some porridge from the large bowl.

“Ooh! That’s too hot!” she complained.

So she took some porridge from the medium bowl.

“Blugh! That’s too cold!” she complained.

So took some porridge from the littlest one and found it was just right. So she ate and she ate and she ate, until it was all gone.

Goldilocks started to feel weary. So, instead of heading home, she looked around for somewhere to sit. She saw three chairs by the fireplace and she pulled herself up onto the largest chair.

“Ooh! That’s too high!” she complained.

So she went over to the middle chair.

“’Ooh, that’s too deep!” she complained.

So, she went and sat in the littlest one and found it was just right. So she stretched, and stretched, and stretched until… the littlest chair broke in two!

Instead of running home to tell her mother, she went in search of somewhere to lie down.

At the top of the cottage stairs, she found three beds all in a row. Feeling especially sleepy, she chose the largest bed.

“Ooh, that’s too hard!” she complained.

She tried the medium bed.

“Tut, that’s too soft!” she complained.

So she climbed into the littlest one and found it was just right!

She curled up… yawned, and yawned, and yawned. And—instead of being a good little girl—Goldilocks fell fast asleep.

Meanwhile, the three bears were just coming home from their walk; happy and hungry.

Daddy Bear went to the table and cried: Someone’s been eating my porridge!

Then Mummy Bear cried: And someone’s been eating my porridge!

And Baby Bear cried: Someone’s been eating my porridge and they’ve eaten it all up!

Then Daddy Bear looked at his chair and cried: Someone’s been sitting in my chair!

Then Mummy Bear cried: And someone’s been sitting in my chair!

And Baby Bear cried: Someone’s been sitting in my chair and they’ve broken it in two!

Quietly, the whole family snuck upstairs to see if the intruder had been there too.

Daddy Bear looked at his bed and cried: Someone’s been sleeping in my bed!

Then Mummy Bear cried: And someone’s been sleeping in my bed!

And Baby Bear cried: Someone’s been sleeping in my bed and she’s still there!

Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear, and Baby Bear all ROARED!

And Goldilocks woke up in the biggest fright she had ever had. Standing around the bed were three growling bears! She screamed and ran down the stairs, out the door, and away into the woods.

The three bears were cross with the little girl, but couldn’t stop laughing at her expression when she awoke and saw them. Daddy Bear gave Mummy Bear some of his porridge, and Mummy Bear gave Baby Bear some of her porridge.

Goldilocks didn’t stop running to rest or look behind her. She arrived home late at night and she jumped into her own bed. Never again would she help herself to things that belonged to others.

And when they all sat around the fire that evening, Baby Bear cuddled up on Mummy Bears lap as Daddy Bear told a story.