About us

Hi there!

We are Stories Aloud – Hours of audio fun in your pocket.

Stories Aloud was launched in 2014 by Abigail Rice and Dalibor Kozak.

Abigail is the Storyteller and she’s a professional actress.  She works in theatre, film and television. But most of all, she LOVES reading to children! She lives in Prague, Czech Republic, with her cat, Misty. And she records all the stories in her own studio and adds all the sound effects and music to them herself! She likes to do yoga and play squash, and she loves chilli on everything! Her favourite story is The Happy Prince.

For more on Abigail’s acting work, check out her IMDb page or her website!


Dalibor is an app developer and an inventor! He recently got back from a 9- month cycling trip! Amazing 🙂 He does all the technical things that makes Stories Aloud happen so that you can listen to the stories on your mobile device. He likes cycling (obviously), gardening, and climbing. He’s very good at getting things to work and his favourite story is The Ugly Duckling.