Remember: This is not normal and you’re doing great!

It’s okay to admit it: this staying-at-home business is easier said than done!

Especially when you have little ones fighting over the remote control, testing out new moves on the trampoline, and exploring parts of the internet you had no idea existed…

We’ve all been thrown into an alternate version of our lives where the people and places are the same (day in, day out!) but the balance is all off.

Nothing up to this point really adequately prepared you to cope with THIS.

So first things first: congratulate yourself on how well you’re doing. Even if the house is a tip and the dog had ice-cream for dinner – don’t forget that you’re doing your best in a difficult situation and you’re doing great!

With your focus so heavily on the family, you may not have taken a moment for yourself. To recognise what you’re managing to pull off here, and to smile at your achievement. Remember to take that time. You’re guiding your little ones through a historically important event, keeping them safe from harm, while doing your bit for the national effort against the virus.

A messy house is a day well spent at home.

So, tonight, sit amongst the scattered books, odd puzzle pieces, half-built legos, random socks, biscuit crumbs, melting face paints, and discarded easter egg boxes. Sit there (with a glass of something lovely) and say to yourself: I’m doing great.

Because you are.

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