The Wind And The Sun

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The Wind and the Sun

It was a normal spring day.

The birds were singing in the trees. The flowers were waking up from the winter. The snow and the hail were resting. And the sun and the wind were arguing!

Oh yes! The sun and the wind had been arguing for years. About which of them was stronger!

“I am stronger,” said the wind, “because when I blow, all the trees bend towards the earth.”

“I am stronger”, said the sun, “because when I shine, all the flowers grow towards the sky.”

Oh dear!

Arguing was getting them nowhere. So, they wanted to have a competition.

There was a man walking through the park enjoying the normal spring day. It was decided that whoever could get the man’s coat off would be the winner.

So, the sun hid behind a cloud while the wind got ready.

He blew… and the man’s hair blew into his face.

He blew harder… and the man’s coat flapped about behind him. The wind smiled.

He blew even harder… and this time the coat flapped up so high, it looked like it might fly right off!

So, the man pulled it closer to his body, wrapping his arms around his chest and bracing the wind.

The wind was not happy.

He blew as hard as he could… and the man did all the buttons up on his coat and did up the belt.

“No chance now,” thought the wind as he hid with a huff. “Let’s see you do better than that!” he whistled towards the sun.

Next was the sun’s turn.

He slowly came out from behind the cloud and… just sat there.

“He, he, he… Is that all you’re going to do? Oh yes! That is all you can do!”.

The sun ignored his comment and shone…. The man looked around very confused by the change in weather.

The sun shone harder… and the man continued his walk through the park.

The sun shone even harder… and the wind could feel his air warming up.

The sun smiled as the man took off his coat and slung it over his shoulder.

“No!” whistled the wind as he gusted off to another part of the world.

The sun’s smile brought warmth to the whole park and the man looked up to the sky and smiled too as he enjoyed an exceptional spring day.