Boys around a campfire

The Ringing Girl

October 30, 2020 0

Josh and his friends are having a camping weekend in the woods. Sitting around the fire, William tells a really scary story that happened in these very woods!

A Very Special Bunny

April 11, 2020 0

It’s nearly Easter day and Eabun the bunny learns some important lessons about friendship, hard work, and generosity.

Saint Patrick

March 28, 2020 0

Patricius is a slave. He is sitting with his sheep when he hears God’s voice tell him to run away. So he does! Find out what happens next in the life of the man we all know as Saint Patrick.

Jimmy Scarecrow’s Christmas

December 6, 2019 0

Jimmy Scarecrow is cold and alone in the field. He has nothing to do in winter and he is feeling very sad indeed. But then, one night, someone very special visits him.

A Tale For Halloween

October 25, 2019 0

Get the story now on the free Stories Aloud app! A Tale For Halloween Babette and Antone were the children of a very poor woodcutter. […]