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Story details

We understand that you want to know what your child is listening to, so here are brief descriptions of all the stories on the Stories Aloud app:

Free Stories included upon install:

  •  Little Red Riding Hood

A little girl goes to see her grandmother, but on the way she meets a wolf who convinces her to pick some flowers to take along. The wolf then goes to the grandmother’s house and eats her in one gulp. He disguises himself in her clothing and when the little girl arrives, he eats her up in one gulp too. Then he falls asleep. A woodcutter working nearby investigates loud snores and realises what has happened. He cuts open the wolf and rescues the girl and her grandmother. The wolf is still fast asleep, so they fill his belly with rocks and sew him back up.

  • Fun Poems


  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears

A naught girl finds a cottage in the woods and goes inside. It is empty, so she tries the porridge on the table, sits in the chairs and then goes upstairs to test the beds. She falls asleep. Then the owners of the house, a family of bears, comes home and find her. She wakes up and is so scared that she runs all the way home. The family of bears finds this very funny.

 Stories included in our Story Pack

  •  A Little Bit of Nonsense


  • Cinderella

A poor girl lives like a slave to her “ugly step sisters”. One day the prince holds a ball for the whole town, but the sisters won’t let the girl go. But once they leave, a magical “fairy godmother” gives her everything she needs to attend the ball. The girl dances with the prince all night, but the magic spell runs out at midnight, so she rushes home early, accidentally dropping a shoe. The next day, the prince wants to find her and tests the shoe on every woman in town. He finds the girl and they live happily every after.

  • Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and his mother are poor. Jack gets some magic beans that grow into a giant beanstalk. He climbs up and finds a giant’s house on the cloud. The giant eats boys, so Jack hides. But he discovers some treasure and steals it. His mother is pleased. He returns twice to the giant’s house to steal more, but on his third visit, the giant sees him and chases him down the beanstalk. Jack cuts down the beanstalk before the giant reaches the ground and is safe. He and his mother live happily ever after with the treasure.

  • The White Elephant

A white elephant looks after his blind mother in the jungle. The king wants a new elephant so he captures the White Elephant and gives him lots of wonderful things and a comfortable bed. But the White Elephant is sad. When the king asks why, the elephant tells him about his blind mother, fending for herself in the jungle. The king is moved and releases the White Elephant who returns to his mother.

  • Animals Prefer Clothes


  • Hansel and Gretel

A sister and brother are deserted in the forest by their step mother. They get lost and find a house made of gingerbread and sweets. But the house is owned by a wicked witch who wants to eat them. She puts the boy in a cage and makes the girl cook lots of food so that the boy will get fatter before she eats him. On the day the witch wants her lunch, the girl pushes the witch into the awaiting oven and closes the door. The children return home to find their father alone because their step-mother has left. They all live happily every after.

  • How the Leopard Got His Spots

The Leopard and the Ethiopian always hunt together, but their food has gone missing. They go looking for it – all the way to the jungle – but things have changed. Their food, the Giraffe and the Zebra don’t look the same as they did. The Giraffe has blotches and the Zebra has stripes, so they hide very well amongst the shadows of the jungle. The leopard and the Ethiopian decide it is time for them to change too. So the Ethiopian paints himself all black and then uses his fingertips to give the leopard his spots.

  • Lazy Jack

Jack is a very lazy young man who lives with his mother. But his mother tells him it is time to earn his keep. So Jack finds work at a different place each day for a week. He is always given something for his day’s work but always finds a way to have ruined it by the time he gets home, much to his mother’s distress. But on the last day, a young girl (who had lost the ability to speak) sees him (carrying a donkey on his head, no less) and finds this so funny that she laughs out loud. She then regains the ability to speak. So her father (a wealthy man) allows Jack to marry her.

  • Rumpelstiltskin

A boastful man tells the greedy king that his daughter can spin straw into gold. So the king locks the daughter in a tower. He demands she spin lots of gold or lose her life. She is unable to, so when a little hobgoblin comes to offer his help in return for her first born child, she accepts. Pleased with the spun gold, the king marries the daughter and she becomes queen. After some time, she gives birth to a baby and the hobgoblin comes to collect. She cries and cries till the hobgoblin pities her. He gives her three days to discover his name, else the baby is his. She searches high and low for all kinds of names. One of her messengers hears the hobgoblin singing to himself in the forest and returns to the castle with his name. So the queen keeps her baby and hobgoblin runs off to the sound of laughter.

  • Flight of Freedom

Deadalus and his son, Icarus, are prisoners. Every day Deadalus must work for the king, designing and inventing marvelous things. One day a fluttering feather gives him the idea to design wings for himself and his son so they can escape through the window and across the water towards Athens, his home. He succeeds and the two spend every night practicing flying. Then they escape. Sadly, contrary to his father’s advice, Icarus flies too high, so the glue in his wings melts and his wings fall apart. Icarus falls into the water, never to be seen again. Deadalus returns to Athens and never flies again.

  • The Frog Prince

A princess has a toy; a ball. One day she drops it into a pond. She is very sad to lose it, so when an ugly, slimy frog offers to get it back for her in return for letting him eat and sleep next to her for three nights, she agrees. He gets the ball for her, but she runs off, not intending to keep her promise. The frog turns up at the castle that night and the king tells his daughter, the princess, to honour her promise, so she begrudgingly does so. When he has eaten and slept next to the princess for three nights, the frog turns into a handsome prince. He had been cursed. Now the princess and the prince shall get married and live happily ever after.

  • The Ugly Duckling

A mother duckling is excited by the hatching of her four ducklings. One is a bit big and grey, but she loves them all the same and walks around the barnyard to show them off. Everyone comments on the big grey one and laughs at him, calling him Ugly. The Ugly Duckling is so sad that he runs away and spends a very cold and dangerous winter by himself in the wild. In fact, he nearly dies! But he makes it through to spring when all the other birds come back. He meets some swans and goes to talk to them. They accept him into their group and tell him that his is also a swan. He is so happy to have friends and to discover his true self that he flies around the pond “honking”. Before heading off with his new friends, he goes to the barnyard to say goodbye to his family. They are very pleased to see him and proud that their brother is a swan!

  • Bedtime Poems
  • The Banyan Deer

Disgruntled at having to spend whole days helping the king to hunt, the villagers force two herds of deer into the king’s park. Now the king can hunt in his own back garden without help. The king likes this idea. But now, not only does he shoot one deer in every hunting session, but he causes many injuries to the other deer as they all jump about the enclosure trying to avoid his arrows. So the two herds of deer agree to take turns in sacrificing one deer to the king when he is hunting. That way there are no more injuries to the others. This pact lasts a while, until one day a young mother pleads to not be sacrified as she has a young baby who would die without her. Her own herd leader doesn’t listen. But that of the other herd does and decided to sacrifice himself instead of her. While aiming, the king recognises the herd leader and asks why he sacrifices himself. The king is so moved by his answer that he releases both herds and vows never to shoot another arrow at another living creature.


But now it is so easy to hunt the deer that the two herds are scared as there is nowhere to run. So they make a pack to alternately sacrifice one deer each week, so the others can live in peace until it is their turn.

  • The Happy Prince
  • The Dragon and his Grandmother
  • The Pied Piper of Hamelin