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The final dash!

We’re so excited! The Stories Aloud app will be submitted to the AppStore tomorrow! We still have to wait for Apple to review and approve it, but we’re nearly there now.

So we thought now was a good time to thank our collaborators, A5 Mobile Development, for all their hard work and dedication to this project. It has been a real pleasure working with them and we look forward to more projects with them in the future.

Learn more about the A5 Mobile Development team and their projects in the AppStore.

Thanks Olga and the team!

Stories Aloud – here it comes

The Stories Aloud app is nearly here!

Get ready to travel far, far away and explore mysterious lands full of magic, legends, heroes, animals, giants, princesses, dragons, laughter, and oodles and oodles of fun!

Stay tuned for what we consider to be the BEST AUDIO STORY APP EVER!

Beautiful stories for children crammed full of amazing sound effects and music. Told by a professional actress, you’ll be swept away!

Join Stories Aloud for an incredible adventure.