Audio Stories

Instant Audio FUN with Stories Aloud

With 20 favourite children’s stories, Stories Aloud is the ideal companion for car journeys, bedtimes, and trips to the shops.

  • 4 hours of listening fun for 5-10 year olds
  • Beautifully read audio stories
  • Absolutely packed with sounds and music

Happy car listening to audio stories

It’s so easy:

  1. Install Stories Aloud to your iPhone or iPad for free.
  2. Choose a story
  3. Relax

Stories Aloud comes with 3 wonderful free stories. A one-time in-app purchase of our Story Pack unlocks 17 more delightful and engaging stories your kids will want to hear again and again.


2 thoughts on “Audio Stories

  1. Leah


    I downloaded this app fine and did the in store purchase to have access to the rest of the stories. This worked fine until I backed up my phone to update to the latest iPhone software update and from then on it will only give me the limited access to the first 4 stories – not the rest from paying for the in app purchase ? Surely I don’t have to pay again ? Can I get them back somehow ?

    1. Post author

      Hi Leah,

      Once you have purchased the story pack then you will not be charged again. Please see our help section . Hope it answers you question.



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